Our core-business is cleaning of industrial plastic packaging: collect, clean, repair & return used IBC’s and plastic drums

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Emptying residues 1

Emptying residues

Residue will go to the water treatment installation.

Cleaning of the exterior 2

Cleaning of the exterior

With the high pressure cleaner all labels, glue, residue will be removed from the exterior, ....and then it will be fully cleaned.

Cleaning of the inside 3

Cleaning of the inside

Multiple spray heads are cleaning under continuous high pressure the inside of the IBC.

Rinsing and drying 4

Rinsing and drying

After cleaning the IBC is being rinsed by hand and by machine and 100% dried.

Pressure test 5

Pressure test

A pressure test guarantees that your IBC is 100% leak-free. A label with the result of the pressure test is put on the IBC.

Finishing and quality control 6

Finishing and quality control

Manual quality control, sealing of the valve and little repairs complete the cleaning process.

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