About Remi Tack

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About Remi Tack

REMI TACK NV was founded in 1999 and is a 100% independent, family company.

As service provider we guarantee a reliable service. Flexibility and reactivity are our biggest assets.

By ongoing new investments, both in our production process as in our personnel, we as service provider offer a reliable service. We provide our customers with a personal and individual customized solution. Our most important assets here are:

  • Flexibility : as KMO with 53 employees, we play short on the ball, customized on request of the customer and are most flexible with regard to offer, storage and leadtime.
  • Reactivity : our administrative service is a short chain, you are in direct contact with our planner who will serve at your beck and call concerning collections, deliveries, and gives info with regard to stock, quantities, finishing, accessories, ...
  • Quality : through extremely strict quality controls on our premium and basic IBC's, we guarantee our customers only the best products according to the most recent standards.
  • Own transportservice : the drivers serve our customers with their own fleet. This both in Belgium as in the Netherlands, France, Germany and Luxembourg. They know their profession like no other and will help your employees to let the deliveries and collections run smoothly.
  • Ecology : as reconditioner we highly value ecology. In our production process we use rainwater and solar energy. We have our own fleet norm 6 trucks extended with Jumbo-trailers, to be able to guarantee a maximum load with a minimum of movements and reduce CO2 emission with 25%.
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