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Dear Sirs,

In order to avoid the spreading of the Corona virus we have modified the staffing and procedures within some of our departments.

The safety and working conditions of our co-workers are more than ever our priority.

In this way we also optimise the continuity of our services to all our customers.

The measures by the various local and foreign governments have led to a reduction of our inbound flows.

In order to guarantee the services to our customers we request your support.

We have various customers supporting the health care sector and who count on our packaging for their deliveries.

Please keep us informed in case you have used IBC’s and PE drums available for pick-up.

We remain at your disposal during office working hours at : +32 (56) 48 00 75 or

Your orders can be mailed to : planning

Many thanks for your trust, cooperation and understanding,

Tom Tack

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